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The 38-year-old American folk singer has done well thus far. 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[15], On January 26, 2018, Lord Huron released their first single from the album, a two-part song called "Ancient Names". Its this great old studio built in the early 70s; we took it over after it had been abandoned for about 25 years, so its filled with all this old outdated gear that we had to strip out and rebuild. Ben Schneider: Again, partially due to the circumstances weve all been under, I think the biggest lesson weve come away with from this is even a greater appreciation for each other as friends and bandmates, but also for all the people who are making that possible, all the fans who were so connected with. He had his career span from the 50s to the 2000s, and he did psychedelic, he did surf music, he was a producer, he made his own records, he worked with other artists, but he always kind of existed at the fringe or on the edge of the business, and he did it his way, and I just really appreciate that and aspire to that. For a band that has had such a large impact on pop culture for the last decade, Lord Huron has remained under-the-radar of many music listeners. Atwood Magazine spoke with Lord Hurons Ben Schneider about times blur, the making of Long Lost, and his own homeopathic kind of nihilism. Ben Schneider: I think everybody can appreciate that, cause its not like I was alive in that period, and Im sure Im greatly making it more wonderful than it actually was. He has a very good growth prospectus financially. If theres a top-notch Lee Hazlewood impersonator to be found in 2103 Id like him to be the one singing. Im just saying that was the goal, not that we achieved it, but to feel like you discovered some album you somehow missed from a time period you cant quite figure out. I'm Ben Schneider, singer and songwriter for Lord Huron. But also to remember things that are gone and not forget your old buddies who you may have lost along the way. Tying records together into a conceptual body of work has always been a priority for the band, Ben tells me (not to my surprise), but this one welcomes a new and particular technique to bind their story: interludes. Ben Schneider. Every song is another melancholy trip down memory lane, and each has its own alluring flavor from the foot-stomping Love Me Like You Used To and the bittersweet Meet Me in the City, to the elegant, effervescent Long Lost, the pensive ballad Twenty Long Years, and the lonesome Drops in the Lake. Some songs like Where Did the Time Go and album closer What Do It Mean confront the concept of times passing head on, whisking listeners into their own warm worlds of wonder while delving into hazy, semi-philosophical depths filled with somber feelings and rhetorical questioning. I cant begin to guess what form my hunger would take if I was staring down certain death. The band is composed of Mark Barry, Miguel Briseo, Tom Renaud and its founder, Ben Schneider. [10] "It's sort of a collection of pulp fiction and we wanted the videos to kind of reflect that and have that same feel and style", Schneider said during another interview. The follow-up to the indie folk bands critically acclaimed third album Vide Noirfinds them soaking up the history of Whispering Pines, their recording studio of nearly a decade whose true history is something of a blur, and lost to time. Weve been working in our studio, Whispering Pines, for about seven years now, made the past three records there, and become more of a center piece of the band, I guess, or the way we work over that period of time. A real nice tuneor the notion of onebut its just out of reach. I was sad we couldnt do it at Whispering Pines, but still really great playing and everything. And theres no intrinsic meaning, I dont think, but you have to kind of create it and find it, and thats what that songs about. Just a sense of the world around you that changes over time and I know that I have a different one now that someday Ill look back and say, Wow, that was a great feeling, at that time, but I guess its just a matter of as we all know trying to appreciate it while youre in it. Its nostalgic, and like you said, the tones and the way its recorded, and the song structures, and some of the rhythms and the melodies remind you of something, but you cant define it. I dont think we can look away from that because its uncomfortable, I guess is what Im saying. While that song might not be the most representative necessarily of everything else on the album, I feel like its a good way to just sort of get someone paying a little bit of attention sonically.. Venus is the planet of love, harmony, money and possessions. Year-end lists Publication Rank Ive never found that to be too compelling. I dont know, trying some new things in the studio, working out our production muscles, and learning some things about how to produce a record and the different ways you can do it. And it might seem like overkill, but I think that all that background detail helps to make it more authentic.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'atwoodmagazine_com-leader-4','ezslot_14',156,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-atwoodmagazine_com-leader-4-0'); Ben Schneider: That was the goal. Ben Schneider: It can be. His bands song Ends of the Earth was featured in the series finale of the Dan Harmon -created sitcom Community. He finished his degree in France. But I do think theres a real value in referencing music of the past, just because people already have emotion tied up with that music, so you kinda get it for free by reminding people of that music, even in subtle ways. Ben Schneider: We had just wrapped the band tracking when the lockdown started here. He's also an art-school grad and gifted illustrator who logged time working a graphic design gig in Los Angeles before his. "When I was a kid, I always kind. Founding member of the indie folk band Lord Huron who first came up with the idea as a solo project. Its hard to make friends when youre half in the grave, but I aint dead yet, and Ive got something to say, Schneider sings triumphantly. Its like our clubhouse, Schneider says of the studio. He also has worked hard for all this and all this is just a small beginning of his big career. In this session,. Ben Schneider is a married man who married his wife, Sacha Schneider, in early September 2014. The band's name was inspired by Lake Huron, the Great Lake which Schneider grew up visiting in the summers. Phoebe Bridgers: This page was last edited on 20 January 2023, at 19:56. The band is composed of Mark Barry (drums, percussion), Miguel Briseo (bass, keyboard, theremin), Tom Renaud (guitar) and its founder, Ben Schneider (guitar, lead singer). Ben Schneider is a 37-year-old American folk songster. var addthis_pub="4a0dbe61011c49a9"; To end out the week, we ask Ben Schneider, frontman of Lord Huron, some questions about endings and death. I think everybody can relate to that idea of losing things through the passage of time that you cant get back. Through Zoom, I can practically see the storyboards in his mind drafting the experience of a mother to be admittedly something of a tangent from the dead men and cosmonauts weve been introduced to on their previous records. And a good way to get at that sometimes is to, for me anyways, is to create a character and complete with a name and a backstory and everything. Very fitting for the show, and for this questionnaire, I suppose. Thats something Id like to maintain, you know: that part of my life is mine. And I think particularly sort of the avenues of thought Ive taken over time or philosophy Ive been interested in, and even just science is leading me to think theres really no for ordained purpose to anything thats happening and therefore how do you find meaning in life in what youre doing. Its a hard feeling when youre tired of yourself, because theres nowhere to go and Im sure everybodys been there in one way or another.. Not everybodys putting a record on a platter and listening to it front to back these days, its all very piecemeal. Ive been listening to What have I been listening to? He paints, he writes, he sings, and most importantly he is a vivid story-teller. I knew some bits and details of it, but I didnt see the whole picture until Honestly until recently, I feel like. Sometimes I look at plants and trees and think the same thing, just because it would be such a different kind of experience. Ben Schneider: [chuckle] That sounds so soft. What role or achievement would you most like to be remembered for? So, what we had to do was do it remotely in Sweden, where they were still open and orchestras were still meeting. Discover what happened on this day. By creating a fiction around a truthful emotion, you can kind of make it easier to digest and get out more of the truth of it, in a strange way. Lyrically, the record is explorative in a new direction but sonically, Long Lost is once again a champion of change. Whats your favorite series finale last ever episode of a TV show? The decor is all the original stuff from the 70s, and we had to replace a lot of the electronics and equipment, but it has this very haunted, trapped in time feel. And it still doesnt maybe make total sense yet, but maybe in a few years, Ill understand it. Born on 18 October 1984 in the US ben Schneider is of multi-ethnical descent. Ben Schneider: Exactly, yeah, a lot of people arent even working in studios, which is great,cause its easier to make music. So yeah, I guess definitely for us were all feeling very thankful for each other as a band and were all friends anyway but even more love between us now, I think, than ever. It gives it a whole new slant, what everybody has just gone through. Benjamin Schneider is part of a Millennial Generation (also known as Generation Y). The group went on to release a debut album called Lonesome Dreams and follow-up titled Strange Tails. On April 30, 2021, another single from Long Lost was released, "I Lied", featuring American singer-songwriter Allison Ponthier. Its nothing fancy, but it feels like our little respite or something tucked away in the alleys of Los Angeles. Well as I mentioned before, sometimes I come up with these avatars to write to, and that one is more like a future version of myself, I guess. Ive always loved continuous, seamless albums, and weve played with that a little bit on our other records, in terms of one song flowing into to the next, he smiles. He has been married to his wife Sacha Schneider since 2014, and they are living happily ever since, which proves the fact that his sexual orientation is straight. Whether its people who youve had and lost or friends, or just situations in life. Along with that he also isnt seen much in public and much is not known about his children or if his wife is expecting or not. Its got this back alley entrance and a little courtyard. Theres nothing bad about it being easier to make music these days, but I think there is a special thing that comes along with working in a big space like that that you cant recreate in a closet or a bedroom.

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